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Xpdf has been ported to various other (non-UNIX and non-UNIX-like) systems:

!PDF is a port to RISC OS (for the Acorn), now maintained by Colin Granville, originally done by Leo Smiers.

BePDF is a port to BeOS by Michael Pfeiffer.

Apdf is a port to the Amiga by Emmanuel Lesueur.

Pdf is a port to EPOC (the Psion operating system) by Sander van der Wal.

qpdf2 is a port to OPIE (embedded Qt on iPAQ/Zaurus handhelds) by Philip Kohn.

PalmPDF is a port to PalmOS 5.x.

Other tools

Here are some other tools based on the Xpdf code:

pdftohtml converts PDF files to HTML. By Mikhail Kruk; originally written by Gueorgui Ovtcharov and Rainer Dorsch.

SWF Tools includes PDF2SWF, which converts PDF files to SWF (Flash) animations.

PdfSearch is a Python-based utility for searching PDF files.

PDFKit is a PDF rendering framework for GNUstep.

Applets in PDF adds Java applet support to Xpdf.


User submitted patches for Xpdf:

Add support for Unicode outline entries (requires glib and pango). By Sven Verdoolaege.

A version of Xpdf patched to use gettext for internationalization